Engagements in 2007





15th April

6-30 p.m.

The Grace Darling Singers took part in a special Circuit Service at Heaton Moor Methodist Church to mark the tercentenary of the birth of the co-founder, with his brother John, of what became known as Methodism. The music chosen drew on Charles Wesley’s repertoire of over 5,500 hymns






8th September

11­­-30 a.m. to 12-15 p.m. and 1-30 until 2‑15


Under the auspices of the Civic Trust’s Heritage Open Days, the Grace Darling Singers performed music with a Unitarian background, as well as pieces written by local composers, at King Edward Street Unitarian Chapel, Macclesfield.





15th December

11-15 a.m.

An informal performance of Christmas Music as part of a seasonal celebration organised the Henry Watson Music Library in the Central Library, Manchester.